Saturday, August 16, 2014

Coron Travel Adventure

A brief look based on Wikipedia says: Coron is a first class municipality in the province of Palawan, Philippines, comprising the eastern half of Busuanga Island, all of Coron Island and about 50 other minor islets stretching as far as Tara Island in the northeast and Canipo Island in the south. All these islands are part of the Calamian Archipelago in Northern Palawan.
Only a few words can describe Coron, and for me, it will be breathtaking. This is such a paradise to behold, with an exquisite underwater life and a wonderful history to go with the beauty. I have never seen the sea so calm and clear, take note we went there during the Glenda typhoon, we've had so many struggles before this trip and I've never been so happy that I went on with this wonderful journey with my friends. It is definitely worth it.
I have been waiting for this trip for a whole year, it was so nerve-racking to plan everything from the bottom-up since we were planning to do it DIY style. We have always wanted freedom and good prices in our trips, in which I think we were able to accomplish. 

So we began with searching for the cheapest trips available. Ba and I attended the Travel Madness Expo last... I think that was August last year. We stayed up all night waiting for the piso fares to come up.  We researched for like months just to be able to arrange the itinerary for this particular trip. It was such a struggle, not to mention the things that have come up as we were nearing the vacation dates. Good thing Ba-ba (Aivors) and I were working as a team, since I'm all new to this traveling thing, and it isn't really my forte. That's why I am now convincing Ba-ba to start a travel blog in which she will be able to talk in detail about our journeys to different places. I'll just be talking about the summary and highlights of our trip and how awesome Coron really is, so here we go.

Before getting on the trip we have decided to not make any reservations and be fearless travelers without any accommodations whatsoever, since we were planning DIY and it was an off-peak season, we decided to go this route. As we have arrived at the Busuanga Airport, the means of travel to get to Coron Town proper would be via Van. During the trip you can ask the driver if they know any cheap hotels that you can go to, they are very kind and some would go out of their way and really find one for you. So since we were traveling in a group of five, we ended up in Tameta Pension house
The place was awesome, they were very warm and very easy to talk to. We stayed in the family room which had its private bathroom (Of course this is very important), tv with cable, air-condition, 2 queen sized beds, 2 chairs and a huge cabinet for all your luggage. It was a large room compared to other inns/hotels which offer accommodation. It was a definitely a great deal. We then went to Lolo Nonoy's Food Station to eat and it was heavenly, I swear I could've posted pictures but it was just so good, we forgot to take photos of the food that we ate and when we realized to do so we were almost done. Wahahaha!!! Our first day in Coron was very chill, we just strolled through the Town on our first day then went to sleep.

We got up at around 4AM the next day to prepare for our set of activities, we were gonna go Island Hopping!!! Yey!! We were able to find our own boat and here in Coron, you can ask the boatmen to cook for you, so we did. We went to the public market with him to buy some food then went on with our the Island Hopping. And while we were at it, since they were just beside each other we detoured to Lualhati Park.

Below would be Aldrin, even though it is buwis buhay because right below him would be the sea, I should've included the shoes though.

And that Hollywood-like Coron Sign in the background:

We went to about 6 destinations (in which it was supposed to be 7 but then it rained and it was too dangerous to stay in the ocean) and Hwah!!! It was so awesome!!! What I can say with this whole activity is that it focuses on the underwater life that Coron boasts about, and boy, do they have every right to do so. Just look.

The second day was very tiring, just a disclaimer, you really need to be in good shape if you'd like to enjoy this paradise, getting to Kayangan Lake was really something, we had to go trekking, go high up then down the hill, just to get to the other side and into the lake. This is what we looked like when we started.

Then this is the view when you get to the top. Nice right? That is not salty sea water on my face, it is just salty sweat from climbing that high. :P

When you finally get to Kayangan Lake, you'd be ashamed to rest, 'cause here is when you can start snorkeling and swim in the lovely water and look at the fabulous reef underneath.

Here is a video from one of the snorkeling sites in Coron - Skeleton Wreck, shot by Kamille:

After all that, we've decided to relax and try out the famous Maquinit hot springs. It's better than your local spa, this is really good right after a long and tiring day full of activities. 

Third day, we were all supposed to wake up early for another session of Island hopping but we were so tired we got up at around noon already. This day we would be going for beach hopping and finally get to witness the beaches found in Coron. It was a lengthy ride and I wished that we could've started earlier in the day but again it was so worth it. White sand beach with clear blue waters, spectacular. 

These photos are taken at Malcapuya beach.

It is also an excuse for taking body shots from afar.. :P

We got stuck in the island due to the storm. But it was so fun, and since we got started a little late we were told to head on back to the mainland. We asked the boatmen to at least stop by to one more island, so we did. 

It was hilarious, we went to a 10-minute obstacle race/photoshoot and took the most awesome pictures.

 The picture below was supposed to Aldrin's solo shot but we all decided to photobomb it!! Ending in a group shot!! wahehehe!!! :P

After the Beach hopping it was already our last night in Coron so we decided to loiter around the town some more. 

Here we are at La Sirenetta restaurant enjoying the best mango shake:

We went bar hopping as well...

The picture above was in Hell Diver's bar which has memorabilias of vintage diving equipment. Below would be from Hard Rock.

This is where we held the interview at Brujita's bistro and restaurant with my friend Aldrin Ramos, the stylist. In which the interview was shot by Aivors-ba, we had lots of laugh during the interview.

Here are some other pictures of the trip!! Enjoy!!!

If you enjoy a good cup of coffee, stop by at this place- Coffee Kong, really cute cafe...

The couple of the mountain tops^^^ Kamille and Monj!!!

Baba-Aivors with the rocks at Kayangan Lake (below)!!! 

and Ba again with more rocks, this time at Malcapuya beach!!

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