Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hair Liberation: The hurdles of being "wild"

Real wild hair blues

          It's "wild", it's unruly, it's thick, it's unmanageable and it's very hard to deal with, like it has its own life and its undead at the same time. This is what you can describe my luscious locks. With straight hair being the 'epitome' of beautiful hair, and salon treatments focusing on making your hair straight, what would a girl like me do? Of course, I would give in and try to undergo 6 to 8 hour treatments in the hopes of making my hair look just like everybody else. How excruciating those treatments can be, the mean looks from the stylists when you step into the salon, the sharp tongues piercing you about how ugly your hair is, the feeling of being the odd one out, due to stylists not wanting to assist you because your hair is thicker than the normal person's, the hours of waiting in the salon, the hot iron and I could just go on. I hated it, for me, going into the salon shouldn't be a nightmare, it should always make you feel pretty and fabulous, not torn and ripped apart of your self-esteem. I didn't really get it, I just don't. Some probably share the same sentiments as me going into their local salon but yeah you know what I mean, though not all of them are like that. 

          With people being judgmental of how you look, you can't help seeing it the way they see it. I was so insecure and I've always felt trapped having to condone to what others see as pretty, ugh! But I always gave in to that system, I had to rebond my hair almost twice a year, I always went back into the nightmarish house of mirrors thinking I'll feel a lot better but that barely happens. I'd probably have to go and spend lots of money just to 'feel' better about my hair.

inside the barber shop       So, instead of going to the salon, this time, I went to the barber shop. Yes. Barber Shop. I had my hair cut off using razors, a blade and big scissors. And… I've never felt so good in my entire life. I asked the barber to give me an undercut, and I had to tell you, it was so scary. For a woman who wore her hair long all her life, having her head hidden under all those thick hair, it was something I never thought I would do. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy trying to be pretty, I love to go to the salon to have a makeover and relax but getting stripped of my confidence, nope. As I've said, going to the salon should make you feel good about yourself not just look good. What sense can it make if you feel shitty and look good? It just doesn't make any sense.

         It feels so liberating having had an undercut. It made me feel so independent of the shackles of supposedly having long straight hair, the suppressing reality that I can't have that and the want to look like the norm. It's been a year since I've been on my own, and felt like it's about time to match up my independence with my look. Being in the present day era it's almost like a breath of fresh air that it is more acceptable to rock this do, that more and more women are being in control of how they look. I am so grateful of being able to do this to my hair, it is so low maintenance, I don't have to be so conscious of brushing my hair, I don't have to check every so often if it is in place. I figured, I never really had any good set of hair so I didn't really had any thing to lose but even so, I think this will look great on anybody. Just being able to do this shows confidence, and confidence always looks appealing.


//P.S. : I'll be posting more pictures, :P... I'm having techie issues as of the moment... #NewbieProblems #NonGadgetGirl...

***Photos has been finally uploaded... :P Hope you guys enjoy them!! :D    = 5202014


  1. Nice article naics! after the long wait :)

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    1. thanks bhe!!! <3 you!!! thanks for the support!! ;)