Sunday, June 8, 2014

Swimming in Swimsuits

DISCLAIMER: Sorry for the bad photos here... ha-ha!! Could have taken better shots but I was in so much hurry to catch our trip. As I was picking out which swimsuits to wear, it just crossed my mind to post them here. So yeah, again please excuse the bad photos.

I've always found it hard to pick out the correct swimsuit for my body type. I have a love-hate relationship in  wearing swimsuits probably because I'm at this stage wherein I'm still finding the full confidence of rocking them. Considering that I still need to think about my love handles and what not, I need to find a swimsuit that I can wear comfortably at the beach.

funny picturesAs a Filipina, I've always had this struggle of being top heavy. My friends would say that I'm very lucky but when you can't find something that would fit, without something popping out here and there, I can really say that it's both a blessing and a curse. Hell, I can't even find my size in a clearance sale, not even in an SRP day, but that's a different topic.

Going back, I've always wanted full support for my tah tahs so that is one of the factors that I highly consider when picking out swimsuits. I really found it amazing that they have underwire tops now for swimsuits. So, thanks to the people who invented those body flattering swimsuits!!! Yey! If it weren't for them we could've still be swimming naked not that some people would have a problem with that but you know, that just wouldn't work for me. I didn't know that underwire bras were already out since the 1940s, they even had some corset like swimsuits back then. (my ignorant moments. heehee...)

Another thing is, I'm short, so I don't really think that doing a one piece ensemble would work for me. I tend to pick out two-piece swimsuits so I will not look like a twelve year old on the beach and will look a little bit longer than I normally do.

Comfortability is the something that I consider as well, that's why if you've noticed, I pick out boy legs as bottoms, It makes me move a lot easier and faster without worrying so much about how my butt looks like.


Style comes in last for me, I mean, I'll be wearing swimsuits on vacations and I'm supposed to be having fun. What's the use of style if you can't really wear and feel good in it right? And since you are mostly showing your body, as long as your body looks and feels great in those sexy swimwear, then who cares right? Confidence is automatically a great style!

swimsuits**I'll be posting photos of our trips here as well so yeah, I'll keep you updated!! ^^


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