Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Excuse... Excuse... Excuses...

Hi there!!! Sorry if i haven't been able to update my blog... A lot of things have happened the past 2 months. I missed my blog so much. ;'(

I went to two trips, my dad cam home from work after a year, I was taken to the Emergency because I got very sick, my laptop rested in peace and so here I am. I still have my smart phone, so yeah. I'll do my best to keep on writing and pursue this passion of mine. ;)

Here is my photo from the hospital, I wish I could've had a more glamorous picture but I guess I could really care less that time. Wahahah!!! 

Anyways, there are lots to be excited about! I promise I will work harder and be less lazy this week so I can update you guys and have your fill about the trips that I have been to these past months. Take care guys! 'Til the next post! :*

P.S.: Thank you ba-Aivors for bringing me to the hospital and thank you to the Garcia family for accepting me in your home when I was feeling nauseous. Thank you thank you!!! Also a big thanks to the doctors and nurses of St. Luke's Medical Center for taking good care of me. I am feeling a lot better already!!! Super thanks as well to my Mom and Dad for staying with me in the hospital... Sorry for getting sick and have you guys worry.


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